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Welcome to Atari Portfolio Sites.

     This is sites Polish Users Atari Portfolio Group. Sorry, but english sites are still under contrsuction. You can find much more in polish part.

What is this Atari Portfolio?
Remember a few years ago when desktop computers were invented? Computers that use to take up an entire floor of a building now takes up the top of a desk! Everyone then said that one day they will invent a full-featured personal computer that could fit inside of your pocket! Well those days are here and Atari has stretched technology to its limits to bring you the Atari Portfolio Palmtop MS-DOS Compatible computer.

The Portfolio features:

Processor: 80C88System
Clock Speed: 4.9152 MHz
Internal RAM: 128K (externally expandable to 640K)
Internal ROM: 256KB.
Display: Supertwist LCD display. Text mode - 40 character x 8 line. Graphics mode -- 240 x 64 pixels.
Keyboard: 63-key QWERTY or QZERTY
Sound: Speaker with telephone dialing, 25 melody tones from 622 to 2489 Hz and Key Clicks
Expansion Bus: 60 pin
Card Drive: Solid-state with card drive for optional 32K, 64K or 128K memory (RAM) cards; 64K or 128K programmable (PROM) cards; 128K masked ROM cards, 512K Flash Memory cards.
Weight: 15.87 ounces with batteries
Size: 7.8 x 4 .1 x 1.2 inches (like VHS video casette).
Power: 3 AA alkaline batteries or optional AC adaptor

Options available for Portfolio:
    - Smart Parallel Interface - For printers, PC file transfer and other "Centronics" parallel devices.
    - Serial Interface - For modem, printer and other RS232-C serial devices.
    - Memory Expander Plus - Expands main memory by 256K RAM.
    - Includes additional card drive - PC Card Drive - Read/write Portfolio cards.
    - Includes interface card for standard PC bus
    - AC Adaptor - Optional power supply for extended use.
Extra RAM Cards:
    - 32K RAM Card
    - 64K RAM Card
    - 128K RAM Card

Software available on Portfolio's ROM:
    - Worksheet: Lotus 1-2-3 File-compatible spreadsheet.
    - Text editor with basic word processing funtions.
    - Calculator with five memories, four number formats and editable "tape" of calculations.
    - Address book with virtually unlimited name and address storage and automatic phone dialing.
    - Personal calendar/appointment book with programmable alarms.
    - File transfer to upload and download files from compatible PC using optional Smart Parallel Interface.
    - Clipboard to move or copy data within a file or between files or programs.
    - Operating system similar to MS-DOS 2.11

Due to the popularity of the palmtop, new products are being released for it all the time. Software is continuing to be developed for it and P.D. programs are coming in left and right. Hardware is also being developed for it like a 20 Meg Hard drive and 512k RAM Expansion. The Portfolio can also transmit data between an MS-DOS compatible, a Macintosh, Sun Machine, Linux and even an Atari ST computer.

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