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E-mail discussion List

Estabilished by 29 January 1999. In Polish Language.

If you want submit to List, you must send e-mail to: majordomo@listserv.ideefixe.nom.pl
in body (not in subject) type:
subscribe portfolio
Send pure text, not HTML or RTF.

Owner of List is Maciej Grzeszczuk. List placed on his private server. Any sugestons about work this List send to: owner-portfolio@listserv.ideefixe.nom.pl.

Mini FAQ
  1. We talk about Atari Portfolio only.
  2. We don't send binary files to List. If you want show some files, you give only URL or send to private e-mail only interest in.
  3. In response cut inessential part e-mail.
  4. Don't use mega-signatures.
  5. Don't offence and ridicule other people from List.
  6. We don't use wor "lamer" in discussion.
  7. No SPAM! You can send commercial messages, but about Atari Portfolio only.

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